My Quarantine Year

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Yes, I know that we are all only STILL in this situation because of people who can’t seem to do basic things in the service of public health. While I would love to be able to stop people from doing stupid things (or failing to do things) I would be much more powerful than I am right now. A blogger can only dream.

In March, I decided that this would not be a wasted year.

My natural pessimism (or perhaps pragmatic ability to see the world in that I see clearly) led me to immediately believe that I would be there for a long time. And I was determined not to waste this year.

Some of that was selfish stuff, like getting a pop up pool for the summer so I had something nice to do. I mean real achievements, something that I can look back on and not feel like I am wasting my precious, feeling moments in this life.

Quarantine Achievements (Thus Far)

Walk 5 Virtual 5ks

Got back into sewing and made, at present, 5 garments that I actually wear

Tried several new RPG systems with the most solid group of players that I have ever had

Finished a full course of physical therapy (6 months/20 levels)

Experimented with my hair color

Created, scheduled and managed a training initiative at my uni for the faculty in my school

Complete all of the basic songs on Beat Sabre on Expert

Ran a 5E D&D campaign to completion

Kept a planner book for an extended period of time

Survived Institutional Review Board on my own for the first time.

Started the process to buy my first home

Reached my modest emergency fund savings goals

Finish two online courses to add to my CV (just small LinkedIn Courses)


Its not nearly as much as I would like, but it is a start. But hey, I’ll have a whole quarantine winter coming up to work on that more. I guess, its better than nothing.