Searching for Jellyfish Galaxies

Summer tends to be a time for me to grow and explore. Try new things. And while I have no desire to go back to the old normal (and even less of a concept of why anyone would want to squander the rare and ephemeral chance to make a new, better normal on the micro and macro scale) I do want to work on helping not just myself, but in making contributions to the world at large.

And sometimes, that means taking small steps to help others advance. So my current small step is identifying what are known as Jellyfish Galaxies. (Yes, this has the added benefit of seeing some really cool photos of real galaxies) This process, called citizen science, allows non-scientists to help advance and engage in science research. While the roles are small, the tasks are really quite cool, and the idea of crowd sourcing tasks that do not need an expert is a really smart one.

If you want to join in they are working on Zooniverse right now, along with a lot of other really cool projects.

And now, what I know you’re really here for, shots of some of the cooler galaxies, that I got to see while helping out.

Looks More Like A Spider to Me
Looks Like A Flower to Me
Does Anyone Else See The Phoenix?

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