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Why Their Should be Filters on Animal Crossing Villager Hunts

I got Octavian in boxes, and he left my island. I was happy about that. He was a compromise villager to begin with, so when he was ready to leave, I was happy to let him go.

Though there was also a growing sense of dread. I know who I want. Ribbot. Its very a simple desire. You see, I like the more exotic villagers, and I have a growing theme going on for the island.

I’ve made the requisite bids (and over bids) on Nookazon to try and just buy him, but those never seem to work very well for me. I just can’t seem to buy him. And that means doing things the hard way, with Nook Miles Tickets.

Honestly, I hate this system. Not because I have no love of the random. Any good DM knows that randomness is essential to a good game. But in New Horizons it has gotten out of control. When you see the same anteater with an inexplicable peacock tail thrice in four tickets, something is wrong. So, here are some of my thoughts on how to improve the system

Let Users Sort Out Categories of Villagers

If I could rule out entire species (e.g. – Hamsters. I will never want one of them on my island, and if one shows up in a random draw I am going to time travel as much as I can to ditch it) or personality type (e.g. – Grumpy) then I would save myself a lot of sort downs to get to a random draw that would be acceptable). Usually these kind of true randoms are meant in games to be a currency sink, but the game already has plenty of those (shops) so why make me sink a premium currency that I can use with higher value in trades to get things that I actually want.

Create A Limiter That Disallows Repeats in A Set Span

If that is too much agency for Nintendo to give players, and they do seem to have an odd issue with player agency (just ask the deeply 70’s style music that I can neither turn off nor down) then at least create an in game limiter that removes duplicates for a set period. If I rejected it last week, I probably don’t want it next week. A 30 (or better 90) day no duplicates policy would give people a fair chance at getting what they actually wanted, instead of staring at the cow they rejected last week (honestly, I see the cows on islands so infrequently that I am convinced that no one really likes to have them on their island) again and waste a ticket.

Give Villagers A Set of Profiles to Select From

Instead of making me visit an island to meet 1 person, lets get an island mixer going on. If every island had three (or better yet five) villagers on the Nook Miles Islands, then you could talk to each of them and make a selection about who you might want on your island. At the very least it would be less of a waste of tickets, as you could get through the options five times as fast.

Of course, I have about as much authority to change this as you do, dear reader. But we can all dream. Though to be fair my dreams also include a bulk purchase/crafting system, no morning announcements and sound controls. So I may have big dreams.

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