Ravenloft Game Teaser

The old campaign has wrapped up, it is time for a new world to be born. My players voted for horror, and I recently got my hands on a copy of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, so I have been working on my world.

Today, I posted the teaser:

Broadcast Transcript of The Open Radio

Show: Inter City News with Orion Crest
Time: 36:21

Contrary to the previous broadcast, one that was played very much in error, Everything is fine…..

I repeat


We are grateful for the bounty of the creators, and are good and obedient children to them. There is no need for anyone to have alarm or to take up arms.

The monsters in the shadows are just that, in the shadows. They will not come into the light. They will not bother you, if you do not bother them.


No one has gone missing. You were mistaken, if you though that they did. Please report at such ‘incorrect thoughts’ to the central office of your city. They will be amended for you.

The mists are being investigated by our leaders, you should not enter them under any circumstances.

A perfectly routine census will begin next week. Census takers are considered to be Class 4 citizens for the duration of the census and are not be harmed. You must comply with the census workers.

That is all. We will update you when more information has been made available. For now, resume life as usual.


I showed it to some people in other servers that I play in and people seemed to received it well. Now I just have to wait and see what my players think of it.

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