If you want to be the kind of person you always imagined that you wanted to be….. at a certain point you just have to do it. You have to cut and tear and push your way to the person that you want to be. At some point, brute force is required.

You have no choice, because it all comes down to one simple, horrible truth in the end. If you don’t do that for yourself, you will never become that person. You will never be great. You simply will be, in a perpetual state of limbo. A half of the person that you might have been, and that… that is a wholly unacceptable option.

But brute force is, exactly as it sounds. Brutal, on a lot of things, and as life got more and more and more complicated, I let that critical brutality slide. And as expected, I slid back too. That…. that has gone on for entirely too long. Amendments are required in the most serious of manners.

And time has gone by, I have realized that more will be needed. Much more work to get me towards the goal, and while I still wholeheartedly think that force is essential… it may also be time for a little bit more finesse. I am looking to do things that will get me to the next level, and that means that I will need to do things that I have not done before.

So force, and finesse this time around, a Dex based fighter instead of a Strength based one. Its still effort, but it is not my area of expertise…. and the irony of exactly what that means is not lost on me in this moment.

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