Reassessment: Food, Food, Food

I sit here, watching a movie about cooking and thinking about my relationship with food. Since the new approach will more more finesse, I have to think this through. And that means that I need to begin with goals. You have to know where you are aiming to hit when you don’t intend to simply bash your way through. So, let get that list out:

  • Approach meal planning (and shopping and access creating) that create a balance between nutritional needs personal wants
  • Turn the strategies of the food industry on their head so that they are working for me instead of against me
  • Reduce the need to cope with last second food issues that seem to crop up in my life
  • Retain the joy, pleasure and anticipation of food that I have now

Meal Planning, Access and Shopping

This is easy in some ways. Nutritional needs are well studied, and I have some idea of what I need in order to meet the needs of my current stage of life. With the world the way that it is, I have been fairly faithful to my Instacart, and I know what I like. The complication comes in with the fact that what I like is not generally in the category of what meets my needs. I cant go to a complete food as fuel mentality, but I can start slowly to add more and more of the good choices into the house, and my plans. In addition if I plan things to look forward to, it will hopefully reduce the desire to eat random crap.

Co-opting The Strategies of the Food Industry

Make it easy to prepare, create a blindness (or lack of access to) the other options that exist, and generally do whatever you can do to manipulate the psychology of the end user (me) in order to create the desired behavior. Make it all look chic and as appealing as possible.

Reduce Last Second Issues

Meal prep is really the way forward here, that and making sure that the lunches are cold meals that will allow for the minimum of preparation in the middle of the day. There is also something to thinking about the ease of cooking. So foods that can be set and forget (croc pot, long simmering on the stove top or in the steamer) or things that can be pre-cooked in advance and just heated up on the day. It does limit the options, but it does have the ability to make the actual implementation easier. This will, of course, not apply to the special meals that I will be adding in on some days later in the plan.

Retain Joy

Treats that matter, nice meals once or twice in a week, and planning for these things instead of just leaving it all up in the air. It will hopefully prevent this from getting boring and being auto-shunted back into my old habits without much thought at all. I’ve been thinking about these special meals, and I am already excited for this Sunday… and my plan for next Sunday.

Of course for now, its all theoretical and may be need to change to suit reality outside of theory. So, I will be on the lookout for necessary adaptations.

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