D&D, NPC Builds

NPC Build: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, a build I was excited to start. I gave this a lot of thought, and I figure out what I wanted her to be, a druid, bard, ranger.

If you’re wondering why… nature spells, the ability to manipulate each other and terrain benefits for the woodlands.

The levels here are fairly low for an NPC, so you have plenty of room to grow on for this NPC build. Add more to ranger for a bulkier build, more to bard to increase her manipulation and druid to lean into the land. Honestly, more bard is my first choice to add to, but that may be my bard bias kicking in.

The bread and butter her in abilities are natural recovery, jack of all trades and cutting words. Of course that favored enemy (constructs) can come in handy in the right moment. Then, you have the spells, the benefits here are manipulation of plants, poison damage and using your wiles to manipulate others.

I hope you enjoy the build. Let me know if you use it in your games.

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