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Eventually Python Happens

The time has come. After years of resisting the idea, I am going to give up and learn python. Now, you might be wondering why I have been holding off on this for so long. Spacing.

Yes, I am 100% serious, spaces and tabs are the actual reason. I hate doing it. I tend to bring write, and stopping to wonder if I have assigned the right block with spacing has just always been one of those annoyances* that I have not wanted to deal with. So basically it boils down to being very picky about how I like to work. But then, this crossed my notice.

I do love me some all women’s hack-a-thon’s and if I am going to learn, why not do so cocooned up in the comfy little pressure cooker that is a hack-a-thon. Something about their intensity helps to push me forward to do things that I would not normally set aside the time to start.

Wish me luck.

*Yes, I am also generally one of those equally pedantic people who likes to code in a basic text editor and moves it to the compiler later. Its just a cleaner experience. No error messages clogging up my flow.

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