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NPC Build: Scarecrow

I’m a massive nerd if you have not guessed by now. And Batman was one of the first gateway drugs into that world, but it was never the massive hypocrite skulking the city streets, but the rogue’s gallery. They are ones worth reading (and watching and picking up a controller) for.

So today, I offer you The Scarecrow. Now, since this is the first build in the series, I need to be clear. This is a Bard 6 / Artificer 5 / Warlock 4, so this is a build for NPCs. It is highly min-maxed. So if you are looking for a PC it may be a bad choice. Both Strength and Con are 8’s on this build and it relies heavily on feats. But if you are looking for a behind the scenes manipulator who is good at getting other people to do what he wants by scaring them and a health dose of spell craft then this is your build.

Key Features

There were a few things in this build that we needed to really call this Scarecrow

  1. The ability to make people afraid and generally mess with their minds
  2. Toxins, well in our case poisons, to do some damage
  3. The ability to act, at least somewhat, like someone else and manipulate them
  4. The ability to run away

On Spells

As you can see the cantrips are already heading you in that direction. You can damage (or manipulate) at will. And now, the two Min Slivers are not a mistake, just a quirk of the backgrounds and class interacting. Obviously, it would be better to choose the one with the 16 save, unless you want to do a fake out on an ally, where the 12 would be more advantageous. Nothing quite like firing a warning shot when your minions get out of line.

You also have some other bread and butter level 1 and 2 spells including: Ray of Sickness, Tasha’s Caustic Brew, Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat, Command, Bane, Alter Self, Enhance Ability, Enlarge/Reduce, and Detect Thoughts. That is, of course, not a comprehensive list of the spells. You’ll have to download the sheet for that.

It is also worth noting that you have Protection from Poison for yourself. Better safe than dead by your own hand….

On Features

This is where the build starts to get interesting. The big guns here are Mantle of Whispers, Word of Terror, Mask of Many Faces and Magical Tinkering. Yes, the tentacles are not entirely on brand, but I figure that they can be used to gaslight people who might be more resistant to your magical manipulations.

On Feats

The biggest deals here are poisoner and lucky, though telepathic can come in a lot of handy for making people think that they are hearing voices in their head, particularly when combined with the actor background that has been given to the character. Funny voices anyone?

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