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AWS Cloud Champion?

Recently, I got the chance to try the beta of the AWS Cloud Champion training. They billed it as a “gamified tutorial” that is designed to “…teaches participants the basics of cloud computing through a virtual showcase” and lets just say, it was a disappointment to say the least.

This is actually what it looks like

Assigning Points is Not Automatic Gamification

The system promised to be gamified. When it was is a virtual kiosk that showed videos. There were four stations, each of which assigns you 200 points when you complete it, and a “quiz” station, with the simplest five question test that I have ever taken in my life. This is not gamification. This is a check list with points. Its not fun and it missed one of the most critical aspects of a game…. a challenge. There is no way to earn more (or less) points. Nothing you do can impact the outcome and that is not game like at all.

Most of It Is You Tube Videos

Most of the “content” was just older You Tube videos from AWS’s channel. You just re-watched the intro video and the promotional material (called “case studies”) and information on why you should get certified in AWS technologies. Nothing inside the content actually trains you on how to use the AWS system, cloud computing tools or the fundamental process.

Its Not Education, Its Promotion

The tools were, as I touched on in the above, were nothing but a marketing vehicle. It was a total waste of (honestly not a lot of) time in my life. It was useless to the end user and you will likely learn nothing useful about the cloud if you knew nothing going in.

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