The Day My Party Didn’t Punch The Moon (and possibly a daemon) with A Giant Robot

My players make interesting choices.

Often I love them for it. Its a fun surprise to see what they come up with. But, sometimes, I am simply, truly, amazingly baffled by their in game decisions. Recently, they used some powerful and risky spell craft to “fix” a problem* I confronted them with. And the immediate issue (the primordial of undeath being attracted to the world) was solved, but the long term antagonist and his ability to mess up the world have not been solved.

This is not the first time that they have avoided solving the real problem in favor of Only handling what is right in front of them, when they could have reasonably solved both at the same time with a well thought out solution.

But recently, I gave them a hook that I thought was too big to pass up. Something so powerful that no player in their right mind would actually NOT take a chance to use it.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

A mech. Yes, I mean that literally. A robot that they could pilot together that was bigger than a dragon. A legit 1550 hit points, Strength 25, CR 30, gargantuan construct. It may have been the coolest thing that I have ever home brewed. If they had been able to deal with the personalities of the mildly arrogant necromancers who were living inside of it, they would have been able to use it.

But they just didn’t. And now… I have this robot. One that no one used. It’s just sitting there, buried under the ground. Waiting for a party who is interested in giant robots to come along. And I sit, equally baffled, waiting for the same thing.

…..or so they think. Honestly, if they didn’t want to use it, I don’t see why our paladin friend couldn’t. He’s not one to pass up a good opportunity. Because one thing I have learned over the years as a DM…. make sure that actions have consequences.

*Heads up… they didn’t fix the problem at all. They threw on a powerful band aid, and rewrote reality, but left the core issues unsettled, and now they are surprised that the aforementioned core issues (a daemon messing with the magical contracts of the world and a powerful paladin trying to unseat their queen) are showing up again. A player actually commented on it last session and I had to work actively to suppress my snark on the subject.

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