Tales of Michorial

Tales of Michorial: Where it All Began

I reset this site most because I realized that I was telling our story incorrectly. And that is, at its heart, what any good D&D game is: a shared story. A world that we all make together. I want to do that justice. So from here we wish a fond farewell to the DMs diary format and move into a better one: Tales of Michorial. Here I, with the help of my players, will tell the chronicles of what we have achieved together.

But first, I think I owe you fair readers, the tale of how exactly this all started. Quarantine had been slowly working its was into the new American reality, and I realized quickly, as I was sent home to work their for an undefinable period of time that I would need a social outlet.

Now, D&D was not a hard choice at all. I’ve been DMing since college… and well lets just say I’ve had some mixed experiences with players. But still, I bit the bullet and posted on r/lfg. I had posted on DMs Academy and the general D&D before this…. but this was my first LFG call. Unassumingly titled “DM Seeking Heros and Villians”. Misspelling and all, it went up.

The response was modest, but after a few days I got what I needed. A small band of heroes, and a coterie of villains, ready and willing to undertake competing agendas in the same space. Lets get the party mixes out of the way.


Vox/ Bard

Teifling/ Barbarian



Elf/ Monk

Assimar/ Paladin (Oathbreaker)

Warforged/ Cleric (Baahl)

Lizard Folk/Druid (Circle of Spores)

There was one other player on the good guys side, but they didn’t last long enough to have made a serious impact on the party, so they are not listed here. Don’t worry, you will get to know them all better going forward. And if you are thinking… lots of Wisdom, a decent amount of Charisma, some Strength and Constitution. You are correct. Which begs the question, where is the Intelligence build? There isn’t one. At All. On either side.

As lives both real and fantasy happen, the party will change from this composition over time. A player will leave because of IRL commitments. One person will change his PC several times (he is the kind of player who always has a backup, but honestly he’s a deeply creative builder so I don’t mind) in the first arc of the story. New players will be invited to join. And all of this is glorious. D&D is at its heart a community game. The more, the merrier.

But for now, these are the starting parties. Villains on Thursdays, heroes on Sundays, and team bad guys is up first. They meet their boss, a LE Duchess by the name of Cordelia. A notable thing about the NPC is that she has a radiant charm effect around her. Get within 10 feet, and you are making a wisdom save to resist it. DC 18, and the party is level 3. They all failed it….. with one notable exception. Our monk does not even try. She chooses to fail the save. Yes, the elf was willingly charmed. I’m not one to turn down a reasonable act of player agency, so I allowed it.

Without so much as negotiating a pay rate*, or questioning why, they undertake a task for her. They are to find magical reliquaries. Items of immense power that have the ability to… well actually they don’t know. They didn’t ask. Which still amuses me to this day. I will tell you however that these are insanely powerful items that allow you control over a specific domain of reality (e.g.- time, animals, weapons, etc..)

Together… they have the power to re-write reality. But the bad guys don’t know that yet. And the good guys spend their first session getting their plot hook and party together. The king puts out a call for adventurers to help them sort the trouble in the land. Strange things are going wrong, and he needs a group of brave, strong heroes to help right the wrongs and restore order to the kingdom. After passing some trials, they are the chosen heroes who are put on retainer and given the freedom to proceed as they see fit. Though honestly, one of players, during the pre-game stage, summed it up better than I ever could.

Compliment part left in because I like it when my ego is stroked……

And off they go, ready to make their respective marks on the world.

*It is worth noting they did get paid. Cordelia realized the omission and set aside a salary for the party members. Because lawful is lawful, work is work and shes evil, but not stupid or greedy. Well cared for help is loyal help. So when they do eventually come back weeks later asking for money to buy supplies, she gives them their back pay owed without a struggle, much to their delight.

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