Fitness Boxing 2: The Sudden Need to Ice My Shoulders and Unhealthy Design Paternalism

So today I got up and it was decided that today was the day that Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise was played. And I.. need to ice my shoulders.

Its not that the game is horribly hard, it has a nice difficulty slider… once you can set it. The game is easy to play, you can customize your trainer (which is good because the first one is annoying – at least to me) and dress them up in a lot of pretty cool ways. I changed mine almost as soon as I could.

The tricky part is getting through the mandatory multi-step tutorial to get to the game. And I really do mean multi-step. You go through a how to play style tutorial, and then you can see the menu, but only one thing is unlocked, and only on the “normal” difficulty. So if you were looking to start on easy… think again.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on

Design paternalism once again rears its ugly head. And yes, I know that Nintendo are like the kings of that, but its showing up more and more in software and its a trend that I do not like (Apple I am glaring HARD in your direction) but seriously when you are talking about someones life and health you should not be playing around like that. Just give people access to the software and let them go at their own pace.

I am the wobbliest of human flesh dough and I know that. After years of PT I am aware of my limits, even though I do not always care to admit them, so having that choice taken away was problematic for me. But on the whole the game is fun, the music is bouncy and I will likely be back for more now that I can set the level for myself.

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