* 117658902 *


This sequence of numbers have been showing up in my game world for a while now. And by for a while, I mean since the beginning of the campaign. Its has an impact on so many decisions that have been made.

In percentile role values, in map locations, in the ideal number of players for the game. In the actions of their enemies who know what the number is for. Its the most significant number that my players have encountered without knowing that they did. A soft of platonic ideal for the end game.

Lately, the number has gotten more aggressive about its presence. Its showing up in the #rumor-mill channel directly now, as it makes its way more aggressively into the world.

User Names Blanked for Net Safety – But here is the number in the wild

And now that they are noticing it more directly, they are starting to ask questions. Good ones about the number and what it means. But at the heart of it, they are still asking the wrong question. They are asking “Where I have seen this number?” and not what they should be asking, “Where have we seen sequences of these numbers coalescing into its final form?”

Oh well, I suppose either they will get it or they won’t. Sometimes being a DM means putting in work that doesn’t show up in the final game, and that’s okay too. It just means that they will have a harder road to hoe in the end game.

Now… I just have to think about what happens after the end?

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