When Player Agency Causes You Anxiety

Tonight…. may be the beginning of the end.

I run a world with high player agency in it. They have a very real ability to impact the world in which they live, and as they have leveled, the stakes have been raised significantly.

Raised to the point where they may be able to get rid of their queen. Though not by betrayal, but by negligence, or at least distractability. I’ve been dropping hints for weeks about what is going to happen.

The queen’s consort has died. They found (through a one shot) that a version of him exists in a pocket plane. They also found out that the exist on a plane with “lay lines” of powerful arcane magic. (and one player has another massive hint about how that has happened, but I cant post about it here because one they know about it, and my players read this site on rare occasion)

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

The forces aligned against them are coming to a head, a conflict of one kind of another is inevitable in the next couple of weeks. This will likely force the Queen’s hand. Cordelia will have to get directly involved. And as a necromancer by training, you can guess what resource she is going to tap.

Basically, if left without other options….. shes going to try something very, very risky and possible self-destructive.

But its far too powerful for a single caster, for any mortal to manage on their own. I can see this going a few ways. More of them would be the end of Cordelia in this game world. And I will admit, as a DM that bothers me more than it should. The thing is…..shes been a constant presence in my world. I see her as the NPC that would be my PC if I were a player and not the DM. (Obviously, not with the same stat block) And the truth is, I don’t want to see her go.

But I’m still making plans to pass on the crown to the next in line….as is Cordelia.

So minor anxiety at the hands of player agency. I’ll try to remember to update when it happens. But does this happen to anyone else?

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