How to Get Your Players to Argue – D&D5e

Last night, our one shot was a no holds barred 5e session. 18 levels to bring your most “technically” legal character. Like any DM who willingly subjects themselves to these kinds of shenanigans for the happiness of their players*. I expected a bloodbath.

What I got however was hiding behind doors, sniping from inside of rope tricks and generally cautious play. I had to do something drastic. Fortunately, I had a table of random arena effects and one, was an anti-magic field.

Six rounds of it. Dumping everyone out of their rope tricks. Followed up with crushing the outer rooms, I basically forced them all into combat range. And that’s when it began. As ability after ability from special kits came whipping out at close range… the arguments.

Is it magic? Are you sure? Does it work that way? But how do those things interact? Basically, fight club because debate club. And it was interesting. Mostly, I just let them self resolve and only jumped in when I felt that I had to. Eventually, only one was standing (the “win” condition) I had a BBEG worthy of the worst they could throw at it, but it was late… very late. So I went with a quicker ending.

I regret that, but I was very tired at that point. But here is a sample.

I might post the whole thing too later on, for a DM who absolutely needs to wreck their whole party.

*and let’s be honest here, a free chance to TPK

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