Why I Hate ‘Giving Tuesday’

If you don’t know, today is Giving Tuesday, and I have had enough. I am sick of being nagged by every group on earth who would like my money. And before you go ahead and label me a Scrooge let me tell you why.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  1. I am already a donor to the organizations that I care about. If you have to ask, then I probably don’t want to give you money, or I can’t all budgets have limits and while no one organization is responsible, it creates a defeating effect. Why bother with any of it, if its never enough?
  2. These groups already nag me for donations quiet often in a standard calendar month.
  3. I signed up for action alerts and to help support causes that I care about with my actions not drop for the recurring subscriptions that they would really like me to take out of my monthly budget every month, which just isn’t possible, OR what I agreed to. I signed up for action alerts and not to be on your donors list.
  4. Its everyone, spamming my inbox, clogging up my inbox while I try to work. This is not an effective way to ask people for money.
  5. Their reasons are nebulous “Donate to support net neutrality” or “Give a recurring gift to defeat XxX politician” but they never say how or why.

So yeah, I’m not against charity, but I am against a day made up in 2012, to give organizations implicit permission to spam me.

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