Winter Quarantine and Mental Health – How YouTubbers Can Help

As you may have seen, I’m working on my plans for winter quarantine and working on strategy. While I do have to have goals that I want to share with you soon it turns out the questions that I asked in the last post and they need more consideration.

But, I also need outside reference. That is something we all need. Unfortunately, we are a social species, but the needs of the winter in a pandemic will be different. While we should all endeavor to be the best as we can on our own, it helps to have a connection, a guide to help us get through.

Professional mental health care isn’t needed for all of us, but that does not mean that we cannot provide ourselves with support and care to make things as smooth as possible while the hunkerig down comes with less sunshine. So lets talk about some of the options that might help.

Cathy Hey – The wise mama we wish that we all had. Her calm and grace and insight is a nice, grounding influence that can help you to find your way when you can’t quite see yourself out of it by yourself. No matter how much I see her content, I always take something new away from it.

Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides – If you have any introspection then you have noticed that you have negative aspects of your personality. Learning to live with those sides and be honest with yourself isn’t easy. The Sanders Sides series talks about difficult issues in an entertaining way.

Rachel Maksy – A warm, goofy, friendly type of a YouTubber. Mostly cosplay and sewing related contact. She’s not afraid to fair and keep going, to know when to accept when something is good enough to keep going even if it is not perfect. And she knows a suspicious amount about hobbits. All in all the kind of person that if you met IRL, you’d really like.

Beyond The Bot – Sometimes mental health does not have to be all about doing the hard work. You can enjoy the things that you like in the world and just give yourself permission to not deal with problems all of the time. Its okay to think about other things.

Of course, my list is not all encompassing, and you may find some sense of kinship in other places, but the idea of what they fulfill is the universal part. A wise guide, a sense of perspective about yourself, someone else who makes you feel like its okay to be imperfect too and some fun distractions along the way.

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