The Lily Gown – Appliques

If you didn’t see the previous post, I’ve decided to make a practical version of the Lily Gown. While the appliques will be the last part of the project applied, most likely, they will probably need the most in terms of preplanning are the appliques.

Top Gown Appliques

They sit all over the dress, and feature heavily on the bottom of the dress as well.

Train Appliques

Which leads to the question, which one do I want to replicate? I think it might be the bottom, just because I think it is the best fit for the skirt. And finding these is going to be harder than I initially thought. I looked on etsy, and while I did see a few contenders (on ForYouAllShop and OneStopStitched as the best premade options) but in the end, I think that I will need to go custom.

I have begun looking at the options here, reach out to a few vendors and see what the price points are. Who knows, maybe I can find someone who is amazing to do the work and get the best possible option.

I’ll keep you updated.

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