Kaiju Girl Caramelise #2 – Thanksgiving Weekend Book #4

My last book of the weekend was low key. I went for issue two of a manga that I had really enjoyed the first volume of: Kaiju Girl Caramelise Volume 2 (here is the link to Volume 1 if you want to start at the beginning) is a great, funny shojo style with a twist.

Our heroine has the popular boy fall for her, and he begins pursuing her. While taking their tentative, first steps to a first date (at a place that is totally not a thinly veiled mockery of Tokyo Disney) and it goes… about as well as you can imagine and she goes full Kaiju.

The characters are the kind of light and bright fodder that you expect, but the drama however isn’t diminished by it.

But it has a sweet end and I wont spoil it for you, but it is well worth reading the manga if you can. I think I am going order Volume 3 soon.

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