New Sewing Machine in On The Way

I enjoy sewing quite a bit. I mostly hand sew at the present moment, but I have been looking into getting into machine sewing work for larger projects. I started looking into machines, and that meant way more time down the rabbit-hole than I planned for.

You see, I have some unique requirements for a machine. I can’t use a pedal to run my machine. So that limited me to the machines that work without a pedal as its primary driver. And I wanted something of good quality that can handle seriously tricky fabrics. The truth is, that I like heavy fabrics, fabrics with big piles and slippery ones. Velvet: bring it on! Satin: yes please! Silk: we can do that!

But mostly, we can do that with hand stitching simply. Its just a matter of the right thread and the right needle. Its very doable. Machines however, particularly the lower end ones have feet that don’t do the job very well for what I want to do.

So I went through all of the machines on the market, consulted people who actually use them, and I came up with my target model. Heavy duty, affordability and a no-pedal mode. Meet the Janome JW8100, my new future baby. Its all digital.

I got mine on Amazon, and it should be on its way to me sometime in early December. I’ll update more when I have it and have used it a bit. If you want to see some unboxing photos drop me a comment.

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