The Art of Voice – Thanksgiving Weekend Book #1

The first book is down. It was a book on the poetic form: The Art of Voice.

Its an interesting book, but it reads a bit more like a freshman textbook in the form of short chapters on voice and vocabulary of poetry. Some of it was clear, but obvious. The idea that poems have various degrees of emotional intimacy based on the intimacy of the speaker.

Other bits were…. frustrating. The parts of the ‘vernacular’ are annoying to me. But to be honest, it is just annoying. Though to be fair, this may have much more to do with my deep and abiding dislike of human in-group psychology. The thoughts of using these petty measures to pick out who ‘belongs’ and who doesn’t…

…. its one of the vilest parts of human nature. Honestly, when the library is taking donations again I’ll probably drop it off there. Someone who gives less serious thought to the assumptions of human nature may enjoy it, but the underlying assumptions just rankle me badly.

So on the whole, it wasn’t the best use of my time, but its a start and ultimately its not the author’s fault.

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