The Unread List and A Long Weekend

The holiday weekend is coming to a start. With the absence of the drudgery of mandatory visits to family I find myself with the gift of free time. I also have a large list of books that have been going unread for a long time.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on – Not my pile but a lovely shot of books

And that seems like the plan for a very nice weekend. My goals is going to be to finish just four books/manga. I hope that I will do more, but if I get to four that will be enough. I will be happy with that.

I mean, I hope to get some other stuff done as well, but I figure it is a nice foray back into a hobby I have enjoyed since I was a little girl, but that has been pulled away from me with all of the things going on over the last few years.

I’ll update when I have a moment. Hopefully with good results.

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