Pocket “Pattern”

In an earlier post I decided to make some pockets. And I also did something unusual, I decided to make a paper pattern. I often sew without patterns, but since I didn’t have a similar garment* to examine, I thought it prudent this time. Though to be honest what I have it more the kind of template that you see for holiday stockings and simple stuffed animals for your pets. Proper pattern making for garments is a fine art in its own right.

At first glance I know that this looks to be a big deceiving, but the final shape will not look like this. It will have more of a rounded line appearance when it is done. I added in these indents to give the bottom more space than the top without making a fully teardrop shape. I want the space at the top to be usable for large items like my phone.

*Usually I can look at a garment (flat or on a person) and get a good idea of what the panels and pieces should look like, add that to the fact that the patterns I find rarely fit me very well and I would have to make massive adjustments it just isn’t really that worth it for me to use them.

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