Sewing My Own Pockets

I recently saw a video about making external pockets, based on historical sewing. This sent me down the pinterest rabbit hole and I looked at image after image of beautiful pockets. They just seem so incredibly practical. For those of you who do not wear women’s clothing suffice it to say that then you don’t get a lot in the way of pocket space.

Like, not even enough to hold a cell phone OR a wallet OR pretty much anything at all. I did once get a whole role of quarters inside of one, but that was an achievement in its own right. Its high time for luxuriously large pockets that can go with any outfit. Just all that space to hold things. It sounds like heaven.

I made my own pin board of them, if you want to see all of the sewing eye candy that I have found. So I am going to make my own attempt at it.

Samples of the inspiration pockets from the pins

I don’t know if I will go with anything embroidered (at least heavily) and may choose to modernize it with trim or other nice accoutrements. I recently got my hands on some black velvet (but if I had to buy fabric there would be a strong case for red velvet too), and I think that will be my outer layer. I don’t generally sew from patterns, but in this case I do have a strong urge to make a paper mock up for the project.

I need to adjust for sizes and I want to be sure that (with such as expensive fabric) that I’m not wasting a cut and creating more cabbage than I need to. So I will likely begin there and post it for you all in case you want to try it with me. The pocket project begins!

PS- Pockets have a really neat history. You can learn more from people with more expertise here and here.

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