America is Legislating The Internet Poorly

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As you may, or may not, be aware there is a lot of bad legislation running around trying make the internet a less safe, less private space. Dangerous overreaches of our digital lives at a time when our digital lives are more of us than even.

Lets start with some of the worst offenders:

  • The EARN IT act (bill information) the end of end-to-end encryption and online free expression online. It plays in the guise of ‘keeping kids safe’ but realistically does nothing to deal with the real issues of child pornography and human trafficking.
  • PATRIOT ACT and FISA Amendments Act (bill information) mass surveillance with a warrant.
  • Blackburn, Graham, and Wicker bill to blow up Section 230 (bill information) a law in favor or mass Internet censorship, forcing all sites to be responsible for user content.
  • The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act (bill information) a bill designed to make companies give the government access to our personal information by building in back doors.
  • The PACT Act (bill information) again designed to make online platforms responsible for users content.

So what do we do.

#1 Fight the legislation! Speak up to your elected representative(s) tweet, call, sign petitions, do it all. It may feel like yelling into the void, but if SOPA taught us anything it is that we CAN stop this crap.

#2 Keep extremists out of the highest court in the land. Right now a dangerous person is nominated. She will not protect our privacy. Do whatever you can to get those who represent you not to let her pass.

#3 Support good laws that protect our privacy online. Call, tweet, email, ect.

#4 Plan for the worst case scenario. We will talk a little bit more about this one in the future. Keep an eye out for most posts in the Digital Privacy category.

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