The Purple Notebook – Pt 1

It was time for a new notebook, and that means its time to get making. So I began with the basics of basics: picking the paper.

shades of purple and black sheets folded signatures

I went with shades of purple and black on the outside. There is also a ‘special’ paper on the outside two signatures of the book. They are the fancy ends and while they will be usable paper, they are mostly for show. You’ll see them a bit later.

the signatures pre-pressing

Once the signatures were folded, and pressed together to get them as flat as possible (its a thicker paper) it was time to cut a cover and put on a binding. The binding is a simple, straight bind and the cover is a soft black faux leather.

the cover and the ‘special signature’ pages

Once it was bound up it was time to make two small slits on the front cover to put in the ribbon (to be able to wrap it up – a soft cover really needs that extra support to stay closed nicely if its going to come places with you) and then stitched the sides of the ribbon together and down to the cover.

here you can see it with the pleather scrap mock up of the closure

And now, the whole notebook is done in structure. Now its onto the design parts. I’ve been sorting out some things that I like (stickers, fonts, etc…) and now I am working out what kind of a theme that I can make with them.

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