Planning for The World Beyond Level 10

Watercolor World Map

My players very recently made massive alterations to my home brew world during the summer campaign. (Don’t worry fellow DMs these were planned changes) and now I get to make changes in response.

Here is the thing, my players just passed the threshold into level 10, and that opens up new possibilities for all of us. Too many for me to make choices without so outside intervention. So, I did what any good DM would do.

I let the dice make the choices.

One of my players rolled for me. 3 d100 decided some of the rough sketch of how the world will be moving forward. So here is a look at what some of the roles mean.


The greater world will be coming into play. This nation has been out of the larger world for more than a decade, and they are going to be walking back into a bit of a complicated situation. Sorting out friend from foe will be a significant challenge.


Internal issues will be most manageable, but there will be some issues from one part of the kingdom that feels likes like agreeing with Her Majesty’s rule of law. It’s not a full on rebellion, but it is an issue that needs to be managed.


An auspicious choice by the random number generator. It means a very old, and unwelcome acquaintance will be featuring a prominent role in the new story, though they may not be seen right away.

So its time to work on some political intrigue, internal and external.

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