The Riding Cape Pt 2

Note: this is an addition to the basic riding cape that was made in part one of this series. While you can use it for a simple tie belt (useful in more places than one might think) if you want to work on the whole project, I recommend working from step one.

The tie on the cape (not on a human)

The basic shape of the cape is already done, and now its time for the accessories.

I decided to tackle the worst one first. The belt.

Now, you may be wondering why the wool belt was the worst one. Well, its because I decided on a soft, tube style belt.

The cut as straight as I can get it

First up was the cut, twice the width that I wanted it to be, and then some nice small trims to get the lines straight. I’m going for the smallest amount of wastage on the fabric as humanly possible. (Thus far I am at less than 4 square inches of wastage, but I will have more when the hood gets made)

Some tiny, tiny wastage (just the way I like it)

Two large pieces had to be put together in order to make the strip as long as I wanted, but some interlocking stitches helped to make that as sturdy as possible.

Somewhat sturdy stitching

Once the long edge was handled, it was time to deal with the worst task, turning it inside out. If anyone ever wants you to turn a narrow wool tube, you don’t. You don’t ever want to do it. It’s time consuming and a little but itchy.

The dreaded tub snake of a turn

Once it was done, I ironed it to make it a little bit flatter and gave it a test tie. It fits nicely and as long as the nice side is out it looks good to me.

I had considered a trimmed version, but I think this more subdued version is a better choice for me. I want more of the drama to come from the addition of the hood.

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