The Riding Cape Pt 3

The last bit of the riding cape is up (if you’re new I suggest reading part 1 and part 2 first, or this may get confusing) and I wanted to add a statement piece to it. So I decided to go with a hood.

A big, fluffy, faux fur hood*

The fur for my hood

But I wanted it to be removable, because sometimes you want to make a statement and sometimes you just want to go to the grocery store and be warm in the aisles without garnering extra attention.

Because I wanted it to be removable, I decided to go with hooks and eyes for the attachment option. Once that is done you’re going to have to brush it out (I just use my hand) to get a clean edge of the fabric. Otherwise you’ll have bits going everywhere while you try to stitch.

The clean edge

Once the hood was cut and stitched up I put the eye on the hood and the hooks, face down, on the body of the cape. I made this choice with the hooks to keep them as stable as possible, as the hook side was up and the round side (the softer side) will be facing my neck.

All in all I went with five hooks for the hood to stay on.

The hood with a few (not all) of the hooks on

Sorry that I didn’t get an image with all of the hooks on, bu you have an idea of what they look like together. I probably won’t use the big hood in most of fall, but in winter it will be nice, and the wrap can go under the jacket when I need to layer it up.

*Sometimes people call this fun fir or fake fur, but the important part is that the only fur the house that is real is the fur that grows on my doggos and they earned theirs.

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