Respecting Intellectual Property

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On this site, we will strive to respect the rights of what other’s have made. Call them intellectual property rights, moral rights, etc…

Whatever you call them, this site will try to respect them. We will give credit when we use other people’s works. We will only use those works as long as there is reason to believe that they are being given willingly by the creator of the work. (either via direct permission or something like a creative commons license)*

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To that end we request (and where law is applicable, exercise legal rights) to protect my work in return. Do not take, repost or excerpt my content without giving due credit and a link back to the site. There are many ways to do this properly.

Fair is fair.

Of course, we may use things for fair use in the realm of things such as doing a review, or other legally defined reasons.

*If we accidentally use your work against your wishes, or if it has been redistributed by someone who has claimed it was open source, you need only notify me and I will take your work down. Excepting of course fair use doctrine.

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