The “No Child” Policy

Black haired women with glasses drinking coffee while reading a book
Image by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

If you didn’t know, this site has a strictly no child policy. In practical terms means:

  1. If you are under 18 (or the age of majority in your country) you should not be here. Leave now. Don’t even read the rest of this article. Just go to another website. You are not welcome here.
  2. If you are supervising a minor, they should not be here. No matter how mature you think that they are, or what your parenting philosophy is. Kindly remove the minor.
  3. There will be no censorship of the discourse in case “little eyes” make their way here. Consider this site open season on potentially hosting NSFW and NSFL content.
  4. There will be no discussion of children (or their related periphery topics) as a topic. If you want parenting content, go to a Mommy blog. We are a space 100% for adults only.

The Rationale

Technically speaking, you’re not owed one.

No one should have to justify the choice to make a place, or a life, childfree.

But for those of you who would like to know here are some of the reasons why this site will not be a space where minors are welcome:

Spaces for Adults (only) Should Be Maintained in Society

While I understand (and dislike) the increasing trend to bring minors to spaces that they should not be in (e.g. – bars) its obnoxious. Not all spaces are for kids. Not all activities are for kids. Every society needs to set aside spaces for adults only. Because (and sorry if this is news) adults are valuable people too!

And no, its not discrimination. Its boundary setting.

Fact is, kids are annoying, and sometimes they even try to force adults out of spaces they were in first. There should be spaces where they are simply not for the times when we don’t want to deal with them. If I go into a grocery store that’s a place of public accommodation, and you might bring your kid. Nothing I can do about it. But this isn’t a space of public accommodation.

My room, my rules.

Many A Good Site/Community has Been Ruined by The Intrusion of Parenting/ Child Friendly Content

Sorry mom and dad, but its true. When communities get flooded by minors they can ruin a community. If you don’t believe me, just ask Homestuck. The kiddos ruined it.

And they aren’t the worst of it. Parents are actually the worst.

Join a sewing group to talk about historical patterns? Well, people will eventually fill that up with pictures of their 100% non-historic homemade baby jumpers.

A financial literacy community? Someone will complain about how expensive kids are endlessly and try to negate your fiscal challenges because they don’t include child rearing expenses.

Is there a global pandemic? Parents will be busy complaining about how the illness killing hundreds of thousands is making them give up their free babysitting from public schools. Because its too much of a burden to help the kids (that you claim to want and love) with their work.

So to hopefully avoid that effect, we will be skipping the kiddos and parenting completely.

There will Be No Self Censorship Here (and I don’t want to be responsible for protecting your child)

Parents seemed to have developed a twisted logic about who is responsible for protecting their child. Did your kiddo find a comic with references to adult materials? or a song with dirty lyrics? They rush to blame the creator, or distributors of the works for creating or sharing them.

And that is very, very backwards.

If YOU choose to have a child, then you undertook the duty to shield them and help them to understand the world. I have undertaken no burden and therefore will be taking on none of it myself.

To be clear, I’m not a jerk. I won’t leave bondage manga on a bench outside of an elementary school in hopes that your kid will find it. But neither will I sensor myself because you didn’t want to take the time to supervise your kids online. If this bother’s you, I suggest that you try parenting your kids.

COPPA is An Outdated Law and I’m Not Dealing with It

I’m not dealing with fines, or struggling with an antiquated law made in the 90’s about the online world and limits what can be done for a general audience. The burden is on me to make a choice, and to be clear on what that choice is. I choose adults only.


I know this post is getting long. Like 1000+ words. So here is the short version. No kids, of any kind, in any way here. Nothing for kids, about kids, ect…. They (and their parents) ruin a good time.

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