My favorite month is here, and that means that my local stores have butternut squash in store. Not the crappy hothouse version, the real stuff, the local stuff. The good stuff.

In order to make the best soup I begin with the main event, the squash. Cut in half and roasted in order to get it made soft and bring out some extra flavor (remember that the Maillard reaction isn’t just for searing up big hunks of meat) to the dish. It brings out the sweet.

Roasted squash

Once its roasted I scored it up in order to get it off of the skin more easily.

In theory, this should have worked. In practice I ended up skinning it alive, but hey do whatever works. Then cut up a medium apple (I used honey crisp) and added a tablespoon of actual honey. Then salt, pepper, cinnamon and garlic to taste. I recommend going light initially and then adding more to taste at the end.

The soup in its thickened form

This is it in its thickened state. I like to add water to thin it out, but how thick or thin you like your soup is really up to you.