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As I mentioned earlier, the one shots are happening this fall. We started with Vampire: The Masquerade. It was a successful one shot from my point of view. Though, it could have been a little bit better, though I think the failings were more mine as a storyteller than they were the players.

The premise of the game was pretty simple. The prince came to them in search of a ‘favor’. The kind that it would be unwise to refuse. All they had to do one was find one person. Just find one girl and bring her to him.

But like all simple things it was a bit more complicated than that. She was newly turned. A grad student who made her way back from Tehran when the quarantine flight restrictions brought travelers home quickly. She knew something was wrong, but didn’t seem to know she was a vampire.

A definitive threat to the masquerade.

As they followed the girl’s (by deciphering clues on the quick blog I made up for her after she returned) clues and found out how to track her down, via records for a house fire she had been in and some select images that narrowed it down to a neighborhood. They also realized the second major wrinkle, she was a newly turned Malkavian.

Here is where my first failing lie. There was more than that single clue to her location in the blog. There was so much more. Even a nice, Vigenère cipher waiting for them with their biggest clue to the world. They didn’t find it, and they walked into the last wrinkle blind.

She’s much, much closer to Caine than they are, and her sire is looking for her. He’s in the city as well.

Thankfully they are an insightful lot, and thanks to a well time use of the ability to sense danger there was a way to avoid their imminent slaughter (if they had tried to fight her sire he would have killed them EASILY – and she had a decent chance as well) and they were able to work things out to a happy ending.

Too bad their Prince has it out for them now. But I guess we will find out when if the one shot turns into a more regular game.