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The spooky time is here! Halloween is almost here and I for one am going to revel in the time before its arrival.

Obviously, responsible people are planning to celebrate in ways that don’t involve getting other people sick. We are also blessed with a robust digital world, and in service of making the best use of it, the time has come to costume up.

31 of them.

Not for me of course, that would take far more money and free time than I happen to have (those of us who hand sew take more time on our projects) in a single month*.

They costumes are going to be in Animal Crossing. Of course, these were all made before the Halloween event update came out, so they are not the official costumes, but I thought it would be nice to honor the tradition of “homemade” costumes, like vintage costumes. They weren’t planned by the developers for the event.

*Don’t worry, there will be sewing, and costuming this month, just not 31 of them.