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Tomorrow, the first of the one shots begins. Its Vampire: The Masquerade, the best possible start to the season of spooky things. And while I admit to a certain amount of excitement, I am having some trepidation about the setting.

You see, I may have written myself into a corner. When it comes for the time for them to leave the preamble materials and head into the matter of what they need to do in order to solve the problem…. its dependent on them realizing something important.

And if they role badly, or fail to find out something is going on with the situation, they’ll just walk away. Why wouldn’t they. It would be job done in their mind. They take their pay and move onto “the next thing”.

So readers I’m presented with two options. 1) Find a way to make it more obvious that there is more here. 2) Be prepared for needing to have more. Well, its 8pm, so I guess I’m going to have to go with option 1. I don’t have time to plan essentially a second campaign in less than 24 hours (not with work).

So off to the campaign notes I go. Time to add one some branching paths and a few extra hints along the way.