Recently, I made a cape with a detachable faux fir hood. When it was done I had some extra fabric. You know, wastage, cabbage, scrap fabric.

I’m not the biggest fan of having wastage. It seems….. like a waste. So I decided to make a muff to go with my winter gear. A big, fluffy cover to go over my gloves.

If you don’t have one, and you also tend to favor thinner gloves, then you will find them to be a lifesaver. Your hands get to be warm, you can keep your phone in there with you if you want to (and only take it out when you want to see the screen) and just have a nice mix of cozy warmth and free movement of your fingers.

Its lying flat right now, but that is the muff

Making one is incredibly simple. You cut a rectangle, cut a lining and then stitch up a side to make a tube. Then you turn in the sides and stitch them down.

Though, I will note that it may be better to stitch down the sides before completing the tube. Its wasn’t fun to do a felling stitch inside of a tube.