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As quarantine wears on I am extending my philosophy that this is best used a time to grow. One of the ways that I want to grow is as a GM. I love table top games, and with everyone home there has been ample opportunity to find players.

As the summer has wound down the campaigns are largely doing so as well. And that presents an opportunity for one shots. Thanks to players (and players of players) we have a group of people interesting in giving some new systems as try. Its a mix of running and playing, but I’m excited for the games on tap for this fall.

As it sits right now, the list of games on offer is:

Suffice it to say that I am excited. Also, that I wanted to find a way to give this a little bit of oomph. So I’ve talked to the other GMs and they are on board with my idea of a (very loosely) interconnected universe.

The base premise is that something from a place beyond dimensions as we know they is trying to come through. Its trying to get into our spacetime. But its a well mannered/strategic creature and it has gone to whatever it deems to be the most powerful creature in the existing dimension to seek a parlay.

  • In some worlds this has been roundly rejected as an affront to the current power and they are actively (yet quietly) looking to find ways to not let this entity join their reality.
  • In some places forces with more personal ambitions and less interest in the larger world are considering the options and what this creature can do for them.
  • And in some places, the entreaties are simply being ignored (either because the most powerful thing there doesn’t care about the request, or does not understand it). These worlds will actually have the worst of it, as the entity does not like being ignored.

The players may choose to engage with any of these extra events, may stumble upon them randomly, or they may choose to lean into it and try to figure out what to do about the problem (and how to communicate in a trans-dimensional with other PCs in one shot parties) and then an epilogue will explain what has happened and where. *

All in all I think it will be a nice, adaptable experience to bring the one shots together without forcing anything onto it that will degrade the overall experience of the games.

*Sorry if this part if vague, some of my players read this site, and I want to keep it a surprise for them.