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Over the summer I got into 5Ks. I love the sense of accomplishment that it gives me when I get one done. (I imagine this is the reason why most of people do races)

While mostly I am still on the walking part of the 5K, I do enjoy them. And honestly, I don’t think I would have had the courage to do it if I had to do it with other people. Lets just say, I would be holding up the end of the race at my pace. I wanted the ability to go at it for as long as I need to, even if that takes me hours.

But the thing is the virtual 5Ks can get expensive. You can end up paying $40 to register, even if you don’t care about the swag. And then I realized, that there is a better option.

I’m just going to make one up. My own 5K series. So I did get the one thing I do like in terms of swag (race bibs) so that I can get the experience of having those and ‘race’ so to speak.

While I do encourage everyone to go ahead and make their own, I know that graphic design isn’t a fun hobby for most people so I will be releasing all of the bibs that I have designed for myself on the first of each month*. Just in case anyone wants to do the races too.

*Obviously not this month as we are starting later in the month.